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About Us:
Globe Footwear Corporation, 75 years of "History" and 50 years of "Fashion", known as a family business, is in its 4th generation. Globe Footwear Corporation and its President, Chris Schnall, has taken his place in the men's fashion business striving to create fashion and affordability in these times.

Founded by Irving Siegal in the early 1940's, Globe Footwear Corporation was a local supplier of work shoes and basic men's dress in the New Jersey market. In the 1960's, Richard Siegal, son of Irving and Betty Siegal, had the insight to follow the fashion trend to Italy and began to import shoes to the United States . In 1972, Richard Siegal brought Kenneth Schnall into the Company and along with Ruben Bernstein they subsequently bought the Company after Richard Siegal's passing. Ruben Bernstein retired in 1985, and Kenneth Schnall in 2005. Kenneth Schnall's son, Chris Schnall, who joined the Company in 1998, now runs the Company and its Corporate offices, which are located in New Jersey.

Contact Us:
Globe Footwear Corp
190 Westfield Ave
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

Tel: 908.241.5600
Email: info@globefootwear.net